Fortigate Backup VPN

You can configure a route-based VPN that acts as a backup facility to another VPN. It is used only while your main VPN is out of service. This is desirable when the redundant VPN uses a more expensive facility.
You can configure a backup IPsec interface only in the CLI. The backup feature works only on interfaces with static addresses that have dead peer detection enabled. The monitor option creates a backup VPN for the specified phase 1 configuration. Redundant tunnels do not support Tunnel Mode or Manual Keys. You must use Interface Mode.

In the following example, backup_vpn is a backup for main_vpn.
config vpn ipsec phase1-interface
 edit main_vpn
  set dpd on
  set interface port1
  set nattraversal enable
  set psksecret *****
  set remote-gw
  set type static
 edit backup_vpn
  set dpd on
  set interface port2
  set monitor main_vpn
  set nattraversal enable
  set psksecret *****
  set remote-gw
  set type static


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