Export or Backup Azure Route Table into CSV using PowerShell

 There could be many use cases where you may want to export Azure route tables into CSV. Here is the PowerShell script that you can use to export Azure Route Tables into CSV using PowerShell script. This script will export Azure Route Tables along with routes of all Active subscriptions into a CSV.

foreach ( $Subscription in $(Get-AzSubscription| Where-Object {$_.State -ne "Disabled"}) )
Select-AzSubscription -SubscriptionId $Subscription.SubscriptionId

foreach ($rt in $rts) 
foreach ($route in $routes) 
$Outputtemp = “” | SELECT RTName,RGName,Location,RouteName,AddressPrefix,NextHopType,NextHopIPAddress
$outputfinal += $outputtemp } }
$outputfinal |export-csv ./clouddrive/.cloudconsole/RouteTables_"$((Get-Date).ToString("yyyyMMdd_HHmmss")).csv" -NoTypeInformation


Following is the sample output of this script

If you want to export the CSV to Azure Storage file share, you can remove the last line from above script and add following lines.

$outputfinal | Export-Csv "$Env:temp/RouteTables" -NoTypeInformation


Function UploadFiles  
{   Set-AzContext -SubscriptionId 2gdj2342-gl39-390r-h208-84957dg897g8
    $ctx=(Get-AzStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName -Name $storageAccName).Context  
    Set-AzStorageFileContent -ShareName $fileShareName -context $ctx -Source $fileName -Path $folderPath/"RouteTables_$((Get-Date).ToString("yyyyMMdd_HHmmss")).csv" 

If you are looking for a script that can export Azure Route Tables the similar way, you can check out the script at Export or Backup Network Security Groups into CSV using PowerShell



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