Prevent Screensaver and PC Locking

There may be certain times when you want your system not to lock if its been idle for few minutes. By default Windows operating system has this functionality to fulfill your needs, but it also can't help if those functionalists or options are restricted by corporate policies, for example locking the system and displaying screensaver is very common in companies if  the system is idle for a predefined time. Here is a small utility that can help you out and prevent the system from automatically locking. NoSleep.exe is an executable file which prevents screensaver and PC locking. You can download it and run from your desktop, no installation needed.

How does it work?

It is very simple. All it does is move your mouse one pixel to the left, and then one pixel to the right every 30 seconds. This tiny bit of movement is invisible to the user, but is enough to make Windows think that someone is using the PC.

While running, you will see this icon in your system tray:

If you want to exit the utility, simply right click it and click "Exit"



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