Checking IP Address in Fortigate Geography-based Filter list

If you have a website and want to restrict it's access only to some specific countries, Fortinet's geography-based filtering would be very handy in that situation. The geographic-based addresses allow you to indicate the country, and the traffic originating or going to this country is logged, blocked or specific filtering is applied. But there will also be a situation when you might want to know if specific subnet is included in a country list or not. The following handy command will help you in that situation.

#diagnose firewall ipgeo {country-list | ip-list | ip2country}

#diagnose firewall ipgeo ip-list India | grep 180.17

which gave the following output:
 - - - - - -

The result shows the IP ranges containing the exact match of 180.17 in any one of the octet.


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