Reserved Numbers for Documentation/Special Use by IANA

Have you ever been in a situation when you are preparing some educational study material to publish on internet and stuck on thinking of what Public IP address to use, then here is a solution for that situation.

The blocks (TEST-NET-1), (TEST-NET-2), and (TEST-NET-3) are provided for use in documentation.

The given above address blocks are set aside for teaching and learning purposes. These addresses can be used in documentation and network examples. Unlike the experimental addresses, network devices will accept these addresses in their configurations. You may often find these addresses used with the domain names or in RFCs, vendor, and protocol documentation. Addresses within this block should not appear on the Internet. More information about Special-Use IPv4 addresses can be obtained from the RFC5735.

Reserved Autonomous System (AS) Number

16-bit AS number: 64496 - 64511
32-bit AS number: 65536 - 65551

Private Autonomous System (AS) Number

16-bit AS number: 64512 - 65534
32-bit AS number: 4200000000 - 4294967294

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